My philosophy on teaching is that students learn most comprehensively when class content can directly apply and improve their daily lives. When teaching difficult course material, I follow three steps:

  1. Explain new concepts in interesting and novel ways.
  2. Apply course material to students’ lives by working on collaborative projects – Learning by doing.
  3. Encourage students to develop reasoned arguments, both verbally and in writing, about retrospective experiences which they are able to support with evidence.

You can view students’ projects by selecting the category of project from the ‘teaching’ pull-down menu, activated by placing your cursor over the ‘teaching’ category link above.

Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness:

“I could apply everything I learned in this class to my own life and experiences outside of the classroom.”

–       Fall 2012

“I loved class discussions and how open Grace is to all different kinds of opinions. Great ability to apply the material to our lives and actual interaction.  I learned a ton from this class”

–       Spring 2012

“Grace did an awesome job! I would always come to section completely confused about the class, but leave section totally understanding [the course material]. I could not have gotten through this class without her.”

–       Winter 2009

“Grace was stellar. [She is] Completely approachable without losing any of her presence of authority and knowledge. [She is] Continuously helpful in all aspects of study and a professional through and through.”

–        Fall 2009.


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